What is YG12?

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YG12 stands for You’ve got 12 minutes, that’s right!, there are no excuses because everyone has 12 minutes a day to do my unique total body home workouts.

YG12 is a program series of 12 minute tabata-like calisthenic workouts.  Designed to get you a lean, strong and fit body. With No equipment or machines neededYou will never feel discouraged with my easy to follow along Framework, Instructional and Program videos personally designed by me.

Goal: Burn Calories!, Tone up!  Get a Lean strong, fit body!
Length: 12 and 24 week workout program (3-6 months)
Fitness level: Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced

No equipment or machines needed

You will never feel discouraged with my easy to follow along Framework, Instructional and Program videos personally designed by me.


Who Is This Program For?

Who will benefit:

Anyone dedicated enough to really wanting to improve their fitness lifestyle.  I promise you with my unique style of training, nutrition tips and these 12 minute workouts, we will work together to shape your body into a more leaner, stronger, faster, and more positive version of you.

This is for everyone!

  • For women and Men ages 18 and up (ok for Teens with adult supervision)
  • For the stay at home moms or dads to CEO’s of major companies
  • For the recreational sports enthusiasts to Professional Athletes

The program is designed to be a 12 week program as well as a 24 week program based on your personal fitness goals.

What Inspired You?

By Joining My YG12 Program You Will:

  • Master Your Body

    • Achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement
    • Move better and be more functional all around
    • Master balance, flexibility, agility and power
    • Learn my unique bodyweight calisthenic movements
    • Learn the power of your breath

  • Gain Strength & Get Lean

    • Increase muscle tone
    • Strengthen your core
    • Burn Calories through bodyweight conditioning
    • Get a lean and fit

  • Improve Overall Health & Confidence

    • Become better at sports and activities
    • Gain more confidence from a better physique
    • Have more energy & feel empowered in your everyday life

What You Will Get

    • 12 and 24 Week Scheduled Training Program

      • Workout with Carmel
      • One of the largest video workout program content ever offered
      • Full day to day Program guide or choose any workout from A La Carte selection
      • Take your training anywhere with our PC/Mobile/Tablet friendly website
      • Constantly updated Nutrition page with healthy tips & tricks including Carmel’s personal meal ideas
      • All access 8 month membership with option for just A La Carte Selection after

    • Step-by-Step Instructions & Follow Along Workout Videos

      • Modified and Advanced workouts for every level
      • Framework videos to check your form
      • Stretching and rollout guide videos to reduce soreness, prevent injury and shorten recovery time
      • Fancy Footwork jump rope training videos with step by step jump rope video instructionals

    • Community & Team Support

      • All Access to YG12 Community forum – with scheduled Q&A with Carmel
      • Email support with training questions & technical help

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