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Lynx Fitness Master Trainer Carmel Rodriguez is the founder and creator of the YG12 series. Her knack for perfecting acrobat-level handstands and inversions earned her a spot as one of Instagram’s Top 10 New Female Fitness Gurus (New York Observer). Carmel believes that every outrageous move is achievable with sheer will and consistency. “At some point you just have to stop thinking about it and do it”.

In Carmel’s words:

I am a woman, an individual, married, mom of two, personal trainer, fitness model, actor and entrepreneur.

I have been involved in fitness for over 20 years, and although I have always loved being active and having fitness as part of my life, up until about five years ago, I honestly took it for granted.

Growing up in a large family with five brothers, I was always active. I dabbled in gymnastics, played a little rugby and ran track, but I never really considered myself an athlete.

Then I grew up, and after having kids and facing some traumatic events in my life, I developed severe anxiety and depression. Without knowing what else to do, I turned to movement. When I challenged my body, it challenged my mind and that enabled me to overcome my depression.

I know now that all hardships happen for a reason. They’re part of a much bigger picture because without those hardships, I wouldn’t have been able to realize so much of my purpose in this life. I wouldn’t have had the chance to reach so many amazing people like you from all over the world, or be able to share the social media training stage with some of the most amazing trainers and coaches in the world.

My goal and my action over the last few years has been to do what it takes to inspire as many individuals as I can, and to show everyone, including myself and my children, how remarkable our bodies are, and how privileged we are to experience movement. With so many people out there that don’t have the choice to move, it would be such a waste for us to ignore what we are so privileged to have.

Hard work, dedication and consistency will get you to your dream, whatever dream that may be —my way starts with fitness.



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